DeSales Graduation Essays 2023

An instant brotherhood at DeSales

Daniel Hall

I had hardly ever heard of DeSales during my time at grade school; I actually thought for a while that it was a public school. But that all changed when Mr. Lewis and a few student ambassadors came to my school to give a presentation about St. Francis DeSales High School.

Although most of my peers weren’t very attentive, as they had already made their minds up about high school, I, being far less sure of my future, made one of the best decisions of my life and listened to what DeSales had to offer. By the end of the presentation, I was less certain that I was going in, because I now had a decision to make. 

I ultimately shadowed DeSales twice, and had two very different, but both positive experiences with students and staff, which led me to choose a school further away from home where I knew no one and basically had to start fresh. I was excited for the opportunity to showcase my abilities, but nervous for how much could go wrong. 

Freshman orientation came around, and from that day alone, I knew I had made the right choice. It was something indescribable to me at the time — a sensation that these total strangers and I all had something in common. I felt something that every DeSales student has heard at some point, but takes a while to actually believe in. I instantly felt the brotherhood.

Even though a lot of my new classmates had already known each other, we were all in this together, little kids thrown into this new, scary environment. This continued throughout my freshman year, especially when I became the manager of the basketball team and made bonds with brothers in all different classes. 

The pandemic, which began at the end of freshman year, took a lot of that away from me though, living far away and being unable to drive, combined with not having a strong friend group led to me disassociating a bit from the brotherhood for a while. However, as life began to return to normal starting in junior year, so did my relationship with DeSales. 

Although I haven’t gotten to do as much as I have wanted with my brothers, what I have been able to do has been special. From participating in the Danger Zone, to going on two interesting immersions, to the Christian Awakening Retreat, I truly have appreciated all the time I have spent with my brothers, and can confidently say that the shy little kid made the right decision in coming to DeSales. 

As our time as the Class Of 2023 comes to a close, I can also say that I am proud of my brothers, that each and every one of us will cross that stage and into the world not as those scared little kids, but as young DeSales men, ready to make our mark on this world.

DeSales taught me to be the best me

Garrett Price

To sum up my time at DeSales in roughly 400 words is almost impossible to do. I have had a multitude of ups and downs throughout the past four years. 

When I first entered the building as a five-foot freshman weighing about ninety-five pounds, I was amongst the smallest in the school. I was afraid I would get lost in the shuffle of high school. There were people who tried to joke about my stature, but there were more who were there for me.

Playing football allowed me to meet 60-something kids that I grew very close with. Not just

freshmen like me, but brothers in every grade above me. I was taken in by a group of juniors and seniors and they were like my mentors. Those actions made me realize that the smaller student count of DeSales allowed a brotherhood that runs deep. 

As I’ve grown I have changed mentally and physically. I realized that those men made a large impact on my high school experience. I made it my goal to make good relationships with the incoming freshman as a junior and I continued that into my senior year.

In a way we are all very similar; we all have the same traditions at DeSales, traditions that began way before us. It makes every DeSales man one in another, our rings, our pins, and vast traditions. Once a Colt always a Colt, once a brother always a brother. We all have our ups and downs but one thing is guaranteed: A brother will be there to pick you up in your lowest moments, and a brother will always be there to congratulate you at your highest peaks.

My time at DeSales has been interesting; I have been on the top and the bottom of life in my four years here. I haven’t always seen eye to eye with the people in the school, but I do have them to thank for a solid four years. I’ve been voted student body president, and it’s been amazing and so much fun. 

I’ve grown to try and become a role model for younger DeSales men. I know I’m not perfect, but DeSales has taught me to be the best me, to not conform to social norms, peer pressure, and other things. Be yourself and be happy as yourself. Don’t change yourself for others; they either accept you for who you are or they aren’t your brother.

To sum it up, my four years at DeSales have been a rollercoaster, with ups and downs, great moments and low moments. During these four years I have made so many brothers and memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you DeSales.

DeSales offers faith, tradition and good friends

Evan Hess 

Although my time at DeSales was short, they were the best times of my life. Coming in my junior year, I barely knew anybody. Then the true DeSales started to shine through. 

Everyone was so welcoming and making friends here was an easy task. I hadn’t even taken a step into the building and I already had people asking who I was and where I came from and trying to be my friend. Wanting to make me feel welcomed. A warm welcome on the first day of school was something any kid in that position could have dreamed of. 

This is one of the many examples of how DeSales truly does demonstrate faith, brotherhood, and tradition to perfection. 

Coming into DeSales I was only a somewhat religious person. My theology teachers have taught me well and taught the truth. There is no forcing opinions down your throat, instead they educate you on the subject and allow you to make your own decisions, which is how it should be. The Catholic perspective of DeSales is a huge part of what makes it the great school that it is. Not everybody enjoys going to Mass, but afterward they are happy that we had Mass. DeSales turns unreligious high school boys into knowledgeable men. 

The traditions at DeSales are unmatched. Many examples of the great tradition include all the alumni passing on old chants and traditions, the hall of honors commemorating all the great men that DeSales has produced, and the sports teams’ historic success throughout the years. 

One of my favorite memories was having an alumnus talk to me about how great high school was at DeSales and to cherish every moment because the four years that you get there are the greatest four years of your life. 

Another great memory I have was attending the Hall of Honors ceremony and seeing some of the great men that came out of the same school that I go to. It’s crazy to put into perspective that a professional boxer or an NFL football player could have possibly been walking in the same hallways that I do. 

The brotherhood is what makes DeSales truly so special. Although everyone might not have the same beliefs, or have the same interests, or even be similar in any way, they are still good friends — good friends that they will not forget for the rest of their lives. 

Throughout my time at DeSales, I have made friends that I will never forget, and will continue to be friends with as we go out into the world and go our separate ways. The brotherhood at DeSales is a strong one and that is why it’s such a special place. DeSales will always hold a special place in my heart.

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