DeSales Graduation Essay 2022

DeSales prioritizes faith, brotherhood, tradition

James Atkinson

The past four years at DeSales have shaped me into a well-rounded individual that may not have been created at any other school. The mold for every student that goes to DeSales is the three pillars of faith, brotherhood and tradition. Someone might see these words on DeSales advertisements and just glance over them, but they are truthfully the foundation of every student here.

Growing in faith, strengthening character and building lifelong connections are just some of the things that the DeSales experience improves or grows for a teenager. The combination of education and athletics at DeSales is incomparable to any other high school. The teachers and coaches at DeSales work so hard to create the best young men that they can possibly make, whether it is in the classroom or on the playing field. As a student-athlete, I can attest to this statement and say that over four years, DeSales helped me be the best I could be by offering dual credit classes in various subjects and playing sports at the same time.

As a student, DeSales makes young teenagers into young men. The curriculum transcends into real life by teaching the student information about subjects and how to learn. As a person, DeSales teaches each student how to treat others through the brotherhood that thrives there. We, the Class of 2022, have grown from just friends to brothers. DeSales teaches students how to treat others with respect, dignity and honesty. Being a Catholic high school, DeSales is expected to grow men of faith and they definitely do. Every grade has a retreat that brings them closer to God and strengthens their faith. Senior retreat is the reason that many students grow closer to God and is one of the best traditions at DeSales. My dad graduated from DeSales in 1987 and he is my role model. He is courageous, thoughtful, caring, knowledgeable, loving and a leader. It would be safe to say that all of these qualities were founded at DeSales.

Finally, DeSales sets a student up for success in various ways, including job opportunities, oodles of help with college and programs to help someone reach their goals. Even the little things like how to tie a tie, or how to correctly dress professionally, how to charge a dead car battery and change a car tire and much more. The four-year experience at DeSales is just incomparable to any other place in the world. It will shape a young boy into a man of character and faith.

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