At St. Xavier, students become men for others

Greyson Wintergerst
St. Xavier

As I sat in homeroom during one of the first days of freshman year at St. X, I barely heard the announcements as I immersed myself into homework, test prep, and weekly planning. Soon, my teacher informed us of a service requirement for every student — I scribbled “GRADED Service Requirement” in my planner.

He explained that the quickest way to complete the hours was through the Ryken Service Club. Intent on earning every point possible, I joined that afternoon.

Throughout that year, RSC encouraged and guided me as I sorted canned goods at food pantries, distributed necessities to community centers, and worked for Project Warm insulating houses for low-income families. After fulfilling more than twice the required hours, I earned my “A,” but, more importantly, I gained an understanding of systemic injustice and the ways I could support positive change.

RSC and St. X as a whole taught me how I could learn outside the classroom to gain perspective on my world. The school bell does not end a St. X student’s quest for understanding.

Slowly, all of the phrases I had heard during my first year — “A man for others,” “Band of Brothers,” and more — began to make sense.

When I wasn’t in class, I was with my peers as we pushed each other to run faster, be stronger and reach our community in every way possible. Whereas before, school only felt like an opportunity for furthering my academic education, I now found myself diving deeper into the world around me and being devoted to passions I hadn’t previously considered.

From track and field to hockey, the Ryken Service Club to the Diversity Includes You Club, St. X covers every interest a student could hope for, and it is open to everyone.

Our school days feature challenging classes filled with opportunities for innovative exploration. In all disciplines, teachers work to create meaningful discussions and activities to confront abstract problems as a group. These same teachers and faculty members volunteer to lead retreats where we can grow as young men, exploring our inner selves through service and spiritual journeys.

Above all, St. X pushes each student to discover what being “Xaverian” really means. Through challenging our minds in academics, serving the less fortunate, and growing in relationship with one another, we cultivate both the mind and heart, truly turning into men for others. As we embark on a new journey, one of new environments, people, and opportunities, we will take this lesson with us, exploring and striving to form a better tomorrow.