Assumption’s magic is its support

Crawford Addison

Over the past four years, I have heard Assumption alumnae describe their AHS experience in a similar fashion. Many say Assumption is home, Assumption is a sisterhood. To me, Assumption is growth, the inevitable kind of change that I will forever cherish.

Assumption was not my first choice in high school, not even my second. I came to Assumption in a split-second change of heart that I often refer to as one of my most prominent God moments. At the time, my eighth-grade self could not fathom why I was so compelled to change my entire path. Now I can confidently say that God knew exactly what He was doing. From my first days at Assumption to my last, I have come to understand the impact the community would have on my life for the better.

Assumption has shaped my mindset in so many ways, both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers at Assumption open their arms to young women of all backgrounds, inviting every girl they encounter to share parts of themselves in a space that is safe from judgement. I can’t count the number of teachers who have stayed after class to help me understand a subject better or ask me what was going on in my life beyond my school work.

My main takeaway from the last four years is that Assumption cares. They care to understand who you are, where you come from, and what you want to be. Beyond that, they help you get there.

Assumption has provided me with every opportunity I have asked of it and more. I expanded my knowledge far beyond what I ever believed I could reach and developed a spirit inside myself that I would have never known without Assumption. I have grown in my confidence and leadership skills because of roles like Family Council. I have developed a grasp on ways in which I can stand up for what is right, thanks to my partnership with the Mary Byron Project through Assumption. Lastly, and to me, most importantly, I have understood the power of love.

Many within Assumption discuss a “magic” that it holds. As my four years end, I finally understand that “magic” for what it is. It is the unwavering support of faculty and staff for the littlest victories. It is the final roots I needed to grow into who I want to be.

With every end comes a new beginning, and with so much gratitude for the Assumption community, I can say with a full heart and mind that I am ready for it.