Assumption fosters growth

Lillie Bennet
Assumption High School

It feels like yesterday I was walking through Assumption High School’s doors to take the placement test, and now I have walked out for the last time.

It was a bitter sweet moment. When a place is loved by so many, it’s hard to leave it behind. But I know for a fact that Assumption has thoroughly prepared me for the future and for anything life may throw at me. Because of Assumption, I know that I am a valuable person; I have dignity and worth, and what I do makes a difference.

Assumption has molded me into the woman I am becoming and has taught me that I could truly be myself. It is where I learned on senior retreat that roses never wilt. I made the most out of my experience at Assumption by living out each school year’s theme, which challenged me to grow each year.

Freshman year, I was told to “Own Every Second.” Assumption guided me through my transition by helping me meet new people, get involved and strengthen my faith. Freshman year was a blur, but I will always remember the freshman sleepover, the Assumption walk, my first Pink and White game, and the countless memories I made playing softball.

“Living Life in Color” sophomore year wasn’t hard to do. I finally felt like a true Assumption Rocket. Sophomore year was the year of service. I was able to serve my community at St. Agnes School and work with kindergartners and first graders. It was an amazing experience creating bonds with students and feeling like a kid again. My faith grew stronger, and I was inspired by compassion to further my service in the community.

Junior year was the “Adventure of a Lifetime.” I finally started to seriously think about my future. I job shadowed and went on college visits and it felt like I had my future laid out in front of me. I was ready to take on the real world.

With help from my college counselors and guidance counselors, I felt like nothing could stand in my way. They kept me motivated and on task for which I will be forever grateful.
Senior year saw “Rockets Rising” when several members of the senior class went on mission trips. From mission trips here in Louisville, to Cincinnati and Belize, Assumption seniors left our mark each place we visited.

During my mission trip to Auxier, Ky., I learned that service, community, prayer and simplicity all equally played a role to allow me to fully immerse myself into the experience. With this amazing opportunity, Assumption allowed me to not only step out of my comfort zone but to learn that compassion truly inspires.

Assumption has been my home for the past four years. I will take with me the memories and the ways in which Assumption has prepared me, taught me, guided me and had faith in me so that I could become a Rose for today and tomorrow.