Assumption community rooted in love

Alex Cissell
Assumption High School

To everyone else in Louisville, Assumption High School is just another school. To its students, Assumption is a home — a home that challenges students intellectually, encourages individuality, and teaches the power of a community rooted in love. A home I already miss.

I didn’t get to live through the last three months of senior year the way I envisioned. Ironically, amidst a global pandemic, when I haven’t been to the building in over a month, my love for Assumption has grown stronger. While it is upsetting that my last few weeks have been abruptly cut short, it has given me time to reflect on the past four years.

I entered Assumption freshman year timid and insecure. I am exiting confident in myself as a leader, student, and friend. I am the woman I am today because I was able to grow with the support of the Assumption community.

Assumption nourishes the minds of its students by pushing the boundaries of education. As a student at Assumption, I have been able to explore my subjects of interest, curate my own opinions, spark a passion for learning about other cultures, and dive into challenging issues. The teachers at Assumption share their passion for learning, fueling creativity and productivity within the classroom.

Assumption is also a school that focuses on education beyond the textbooks, educating the mind, body, and spirit. The importance of self-love and discovering inner spirituality is emphasized throughout all four years. These themes are developed with the guidance of incredible faculty and upperclasswomen, creating a safe environment for young women to discover their worth.

When contemplating “why I love my school,” I realized there isn’t only one reason. When I think of my love for Assumption, I am overwhelmed with a plethora of memories and emotions. The relief when the senior sitting behind me on my first day started talking to me. The support when I stood in front of my class and asked them to vote for me as class officer. The compassion of an entire community during times of great loss. The collective excitement that electrifies the gym during pep rallies. The fierce loyalty that floods the stands. The pride that engulfed our class as we slipped on our class rings for the first time. The eagerness of beginning my last year ready to experience it all one last time.

Despite the events I’m missing, I am grateful for the experiences I did get over the past four years. I have realized how unique it is to have a faculty and staff that care for its students as deeply as the people at Assumption. Even though we are not physically together experiencing our last senior events, I still feel connected to the community of Assumption. They are working diligently to make this new system feel as normal as possible. I consider myself lucky to be able to go through this as an Assumption student. The community of Assumption makes it easy to find some light in the darkness.

Assumption High School has taught me to embrace my passions, explore my faith, challenge the status quo, and make my mark on the world. It is a home that has left me with a mind hungry for knowledge, a belly sore from laughing, and a heart swollen with love. A home that I wish I didn’t have to leave so early, but I will carry with me through life. It has shaped me and so many others into women who know we have dignity and worth and what we do makes a difference.