Arts, athletics, academics, community, empowerment: This is Sacred Heart

Natalie Chou
Sacred Heart Academy

Glance through the grand windows of the Ursuline Arts Center as the performance begins. The evening opens “West Side Story.” Madrigals dressed in ornate gowns welcome the crowd with vivid harmonies echoing throughout the hall.

Each performer delivers with the passion of a Broadway star contributing to a unique production of diverse talents united in one cast. The show’s finale yields a standing ovation with cheers and claps of joy.

This is Sacred Heart performing arts.

Wander outside to the buzzing athletic complex. Music resonates as players practice and prepare. Teams from soccer to lacrosse compete on the same field vying for state titles. Tennis courts echo with the sound of racquets striking their targets with precision and speed. Strategies and chants of enthusiasm circulate the locker room.

Competitors from near and far witness the Valkyries earn countless accolades with grace, humility and fierce pride. Each team’s strength is amplified by the cheers of classmates during the pre-state tradition of running the halls.

This is Sacred Heart athletics.

Listen through the school walls. Laughter, tears, stories, debates and conversations never cease.

The International Baccalaureate Programme expands students’ minds, enhances their thinking of global topics, and engages beyond typical learning.

Passionate faculty take interest in the students as citizens of the world and present knowledge beyond the academic curriculum.

Teachers personally compose songs and create specialized videos to help us remember math functions, linguistic conjugations and physics theorems. A school field trip to see the solar eclipse takes the classroom to the skies offering a moment of reflective peace.

This is Sacred Heart academics.

Witness Valkyrie pride transcend beyond the Ursuline campus. Students volunteering within the local community, praying in the quaint churches of Ireland, debating statewide, participating at Disney Candlelight processionals and competing in national tournaments, are a few of the many moments that Valkyrie spirit travels with students.

This is Sacred Heart opportunity.

Feel camaraderie among the masses. Close friends and classmates share witty jokes and puns over lunch. Beloved Sister Lorna patrols the cafeteria keeping everyone in line. A school-wide decision to read specifically chosen works opens discussion as inquisitive students meet inspiring female authors such as Immaculée Ilibagiza.

A driven SHA alumna shares her journey of pursuing her dreams and eventually becoming president of Aston Martin Americas. The gym erupts with pride when a student recites self-composed poetry that celebrates her diversity.

This is Sacred Heart empowerment.

Starting high school adventures with open minds and ambitious goals. Building strength of the HEART through individual and memorable experiences. Finishing as Valkyries, strong women of great faith. This is Sacred Heart Academy.