A Guide to Planning Ahead: Burial

Discussing death is often a difficult conversation. Many times, people wait until a loved one passes and are left with the responsibility of making decisions on their own. Catholic Cemeteries staff can help you through this process.

The staff can also guide you through making these decisions — giving you peace of mind now and giving your loved ones peace of mind later.

Following are some questions to help you start thinking about your plans. Schedule a tour with a family counselor to start the planning process.

Who can make my funeral arrangements?
Kentucky state law allows for a representative, called a “designee,” to make funeral arrangements on behalf of the deceased. This person is designated before death and denoted on the Funeral Planning Declaration Form. This form can be downloaded at therecordnewspaper.org/funeralplanning.
If no designee has been declared, Kentucky State law determines the next of kin in the following order: the surviving spouse, adult children, parents, grandparents, siblings, closest next of kin.

Who may be buried in a Catholic cemetery?
Catholic cemeteries are considered an extension of the parish. The church prefers that all Catholics are buried in the sacred grounds of Catholic cemeteries. However, non-Catholics may be buried there as well. Those who were together in life should not be separated in death.

If I have family buried at one of the archdiocesan Catholic cemeteries, can I be buried in the same grave?
Multiple burials may be allowed depending on the restrictions that have been placed on graves either due to location or lot owner wishes.

For more information, contact the Catholic Cemeteries office:

Phone: 451-7710
Email: cemeteries@archlou.org

Archdiocesan Cemeteries

Calvary Cemetery
1600 Newburg Road
Louisville, Ky., 40205

Saint Michael Cemetery
1153 Charles Street
Louisville, Ky., 40204

Saint Louis Cemetery
1167 Barret Avenue
Louisville, Ky., 40204

Saint John Cemetery
2647 Duncan Street
Louisville, Ky., 40212

Parish Cemeteries

For a full listing, visit: www.archlou.org

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