Trinity begins a journey for men of faith and character

Owen Neumayer

Four short years at Trinity High School have come to mean so much more to me than I could have imagined. I knew these past four years would be important to my future and would make a lasting impact on my life, but sometimes life gives you more than you expect.

Trinity is a place for those who strive to go above and beyond, including students in their studies and teachers in their lessons. It is a place where growing young men find brotherhood within the bonds and friendships they make with their classmates.

Trinity has more than just classes and clubs for students to be involved in; they have a comforting learning environment where everyone’s opinion matters.

The path a Trinity student takes from freshman to senior year is like no other. Along the way, I learned what it truly means to carry yourself as a man of faith and character. I have learned how I can apply myself in the real world and make positive change happen. Involving yourself in extracurriculars at Trinity gives you a feeling of responsibility and belonging.

Academically, I was challenged every day, whether in person or online, to try my hardest and push my academic limits. Even amid a pandemic and a whole new way of learning, Trinity’s faculty wasted no time preparing all students to keep persevering in their studies.

With more than a year of online learning under my belt, I think it is safe to say that Trinity did its best when planning out the class of 2021’s senior year. I am sorry to know that some senior activities were cut short, but I am thankful to know that I have all of Trinity’s resources at my disposal. Yes, online school may have been hard or frustrating at times, but I try to remind myself of the blessings we all have because of Trinity. We have world-class teachers who go out of their way to ensure all their students are successful. I am beyond thankful to have all these things, and so much more, at my disposal as a student at Trinity.

In my time at Trinity, I have challenged myself in my studies and broadened my academic horizon through new classes and extracurriculars.

As a senior about to go away to a university which will greatly challenge me, I am very thankful to have the opportunities Trinity gave me. I have been given so many resources to become a better version of myself. I am forever grateful for everything I have been taught and given at Trinity. It has become my second family.

At Trinity, the brotherhood between classmates is something that is unparalleled. I have truly met my brothers for life in the halls and classrooms of Trinity. As I previously mentioned, the class of 2021 was stripped of a few events and activities, but as Preston Romanov ‘20 said about his class last year, “We should be known as the class that defeated all odds and rose above, the class with the vision to see how to rise.”

With Trinity’s faculty and supporters, we have done the same this year. I can’t believe our journey is already coming to an end, but I know my “Brothers for life” will be there for me after my time at Trinity is over. This is only the beginning of our journey as men of faith and character.