SHA students live out the legacy of St. Angela Merici

Katelyn Wo
Sacred Heart

Community, reverence, service and leadership — the four core values of Sacred Heart Academy, repeated over and over in your time here.

Plastered on the walls of every classroom, ingrained into every Valkyrie’s memories, but what does it really mean to live them out?

What does it mean to truly live out a life in communion with others, be rooted in your faith, dedicate yourself to the service of others, and possess the responsibility and rigor necessary to lead?

Our Valkyries create community wherever they go. The smiles exchanged in the hallway, the laugh shared with your favorite teacher, the sound of beautiful voices wafting from the second floor, the music heard from Horton field after school, friends cheering as you take a bow on stage or score the winning goal, the wave to the preschoolers on their morning walks.

Our Sacred Heart community helps to build each other up and provides a home to each and every student.

A Valkyrie is rooted in her faith and lives out the legacy of Saint Angela Merici. She can be found at God at the Grotto, asking questions in theology, treating each of her classmates with respect, leading retreats, reading at Mass, or even participating in one of HD’s famous meditations. Our Valkyries show their reverence and dedication to their faith by living a life rooted in respect and love for themselves and for others.

A Valkyrie serves her community and uses her talents to help those in need. She sews masks for healthcare workers, helps people in the community sign up for their COVID vaccinations, can be found across the city tutoring children with Educational Justice, organizing Terra-cycle drives with Go Green, holding water walks with the UNICEF club, educating the community on the importance of fair trade, and so much more. Valkyries are serving others all around us.

Finally, a Valkyrie leads by example. She leads with dignity, patience, and understanding. She has an open mind, encouraging her fellow students. She does not speak over others but uses her voice to stand up for what she is passionate about.

Our Valkyrie leaders facilitate discussion on implicit bias and diversity, get up early for swim practices, sing in the talent show, are the first to unmute on Microsoft Teams, read at Mass, jump from practice to practice, and sing at 5 a.m. on the news. Our Valkyries inspire others and will help to lead our generation into the future.

So what does a Valkyrie do from here? A Valkyrie takes these values established at SHA out into the big-girl world. She empathizes and connects with others, stays true to what she believes in, serves the needs of others wherever she goes and leads by example.