Sacred Heart Academy shapes Valkyries

Allison Portaro
Sacred Heart

The Sacred Heart Academy Valkyrie: a strong woman of great faith.

This is one definition, but a Valkyrie is not just one thing. Sacred Heart is a community filled with young women who are authentic and work every day to be the best version of themselves while uplifting everyone they encounter.

A Valkyrie cares for her community. The charism of the Ursuline Sisters includes an openness and eagerness to serve others, and Sacred Heart Academy works to model this eagerness in actions big and small.

A Valkyrie makes masks to raise money for the Kentucky Nurses Association during the pandemic. She writes to Ursuline Sister pen pals and forms relationships with the women who have paved the way for her education. She performs countless hours of service, not because it is a requirement, but because she has a desire to serve others.

A Valkyrie has support. Her teachers go above and beyond to prepare her for the test, but also the world. They hold late-night zoom study sessions, review endless college essays, cheer in the bleachers at games, and even make their students personalized Christmas ornaments.

Most importantly they instill in their students that they are strong and capable of anything they put their minds to. Due to these lessons, a Valkyrie is determined. She spends extra time to learn a difficult topic in class, dedicates herself to hours of practice for a play or sport, and does not give up on herself.

A Valkyrie expresses herself in a multitude of ways: on the stage, on the field, in the art studio, through Bible verses posted in the hallways, through words of encouragement; the list continues. A Valkyrie is encouraged to go outside of her comfort zones without the fear of failing. It is within failing that she finds the courage to start again and learn from her mistakes.

A Valkyrie has role models. When she is a freshman, she is in awe of her upperclasswomen. She looks up to them for their leadership, kindness, and welcoming spirit. Her upperclasswomen give her car rides to practices, advice and encourage her to be herself in a new place.

They inspire her to be a role model to future Valkyries, which will happen faster than she can ever imagine.

A Valkyrie is a leader in her own way. She leads cheers in a roaring student section, raises her hand for the toughest geometry questions, and sings Dear Sacred Heart no matter how high the notes are.

When a freshman enters the doors of Sacred Heart, she may think the Valkyrie is just her mascot, but after a short four years, she comes to find that she is the Valkyrie.