Pres is a place to find independence

Raelyn Walker

Stepping inside a new environment is scary for anybody. Fresh faces surrounded in the same lost confused daze just like you, experiencing many things for the first time. Making it to the top just to be knocked back down to the bottom. Nothing can truly prepare you for this new world of high school, but that is why it is important to form bonds and create a family who can help you along the journey.

Growing up and hearing stories of a family that will stay with you through ups and downs and will be there no matter how far down the road it may be helped inspire the choice of being a Pres Girl.

Attending a smaller school downtown has been a different experience. It is an adventure every day being in a diverse school environment, giving opportunities that some might not have the chance to experience.

At Pres we are one, a family unit where strengths lie in the hearts, souls, and minds of the girls. It is a place where uniqueness is celebrated and where the students learn how to work with our differences instead of hiding them. Pres is a safe place for teachers and students, with every day being a different learning experience.

Starting off high school was kind of rough, especially being separated from people you were friends with for many years.

Something important to remember when making important decisions is to not do something because your friends are doing it to. When making the decision of what school to go to, try to choose somewhere that you are proud to call home. It is OK to choose a separate path from your friends because there is always room in your life for new ones.

It might seem like things are not going your way, but it is OK. We have all been there before. It is important to not shut out the world no matter how bad it might be; always remember your community is there to help guide you in your time of need.

The past few years have been a learning experience for everyone, especially with the pandemic. It has been hard for everyone. This is a prime example of why we must live life to the fullest and not take time in high school wishing it away because one day it can end in an instant.

Time during COVID has not been ideal, but it either made or broke people. That is why it is important to embrace and build up the spirits of our loved ones.

Sometimes it can be hard to be faced with reality and sometimes it can feel like a slap in the face, but Pres has taught an important life motto: “Close-knit and full of grit.”

Having grit is buckling down and facing adversity, even when you feel like you cannot give anymore, to give it 100 percent until you cannot stand anymore. When that time comes, your community will be there to pick you up. Give it a shot and give it all that you’ve got; you never know where it could lead you if you live your life in fear.