Assumption’s legacy is empowerment

Sofia Clements
Assumption High School

Walking through Assumption’s doors for the first time was just as exciting as it was nerve-wracking. Surrounded by so many new people, I was excited for the change high school would bring but I was also afraid of the unknown: Would I be liked? Would I be accepted? Would I find my place?

I look back on my first day at Assumption, at my insecure freshman-self, and feel a spark of warmth in my heart. So innocent, she knew not what was to come. She did not know that in just four short years she would be transformed into the strong, driven girl that she had always envisioned herself to be.

Assumption was the guiding hand that enabled me to transform into the girl that I am today and for this I am forever grateful.

This place, this school, this home on 2170 Tyler Lane is where teachers become not only your role models but your friends, where girls are taught that nothing is impossible, and where being “weird” is not only accepted but encouraged.

It is this place that I can say has inspired “happy tears.” For it is here I have been able to become an AP student, a world traveler, a passionate, driven athlete, a friend, a light, a rose: the girl I aspired to be.

I am certain that if I had gone to any other school, I would not recognize the girl I see in the mirror every single day: the girl who loves waking up to see her classmates, the girl who has a passion for culture, the girl who strives to be the light in the room, the girl who knows that her beauty is not her currency, and that she is more than enough just the way she is.

Without Assumption, the girl I see when I look in the mirror every day would yet to be seen — still hiding behind insecurity and the fear of not being enough.

Assumption has helped me to discover my worth. At Assumption I know that my successes will be celebrated and lend a hand when I may fail.

, eAssumption’s doors makes up a beautiful community that has taught me to do the best for myself and others, to go the extra mile and to find that there are no limits.

Now, reflecting upon my time at Assumption, I find the ways that I have grown almost unbelievable. I have been able to achieve so much and have found family at Assumption High School.

As my time at Assumption comes to an end, I am broken-hearted to say goodbye to my second home. But I cannot help but feel a sense of pride for all that Assumption is and all that it stands for.

I leave reassured, knowing that the lucky girls who still have time left at Assumption will continue its legacy of empowering young women and that I will always have a home in the halls of Assumption High School.